Monthly Archives: September 2012

This morning the Penguin openly admitted to him and his party planning to plot against the government if Batman is reelected. Critics and supporters of the one time presidential nominee are skeptical that he is able to pull it off on his own. One supporter who wishes to remain anonymous suggests "penguin should gain more support for such an idea before telling the world what he's going to do." With this plot in the open Batman has the advantage of a preemptive attack on a possible government overthrow.

  In a heated speech at the United Nations this week, Netanyahu called for an intense war with Iran. In the midst of this aggressive proposal, he also stated expectation that whoever wins the election this year, be it Batman or Bane, the United States should pay 90% of the war. Is this crazy political rhetoric or does one of the candidates have a plan to start another war in the Middle East?

As we look further into Bane's past we find shocking stories of how he came to be. All we've known up until now is that he was in France, but what for? An anonymous informant tells us he was part of a secret task force on a highly secure black ops mission. This mission may or may not have been aligned with a terror organization known as ANN. To this day no one has been able to prove of such an organization ever existed. How was this operation funded? As you may have heard in recent months, is has come to the popular media's attention that secret offshore accounts funded this operation and others like it.What does this mean for the country and the upcoming election? How will the Batman shape up against this eery masked figure?

Just as we were receiving reports of the refs escape from prison, we received conflicting reports that Batman was responsible for kidnapping the NFL refs. Zsasz, vice presidential hopeful, claims the Batman "kidnapped and tortured" the refs to sway the public opinion before the election. He went on the claim that batman was keeping them as a backup to a posible loss in the presidential election. If this claim is true, what would Batman have doen with these battered and imprisoned refs?