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Batman Tends to Storm Victims, Bane continues attack in Midwest and South

On this Halloween we find the Jersey Shore and New York City destroyed and submerged in water. The imagery from this event reminds Americans of Hurricane Katrina but where did this hurricane come from? While Batman tends to the disaster relief, and Bane continues to fight in Ohio and Florida, intelligence agencies are gathering facts on a possible weather bomb disguised as a hurricane meant to destroy the whole east coast. Multiple reports form Super Election News lost their lives covering the storm and we honor their contribution to reporting the news. With disaster coming from all sides of the country we look foreword to making it through the election and a possible end to the civil war.


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Batman Readies Country for Weather Bomb Developed By China, Venezuala, Russia! Election, Civil War Pause.

Heading into the last week of the election the country finds itself frozen as a massive hurricane charges towards the Northeast. National Security analysts believe this hurricane named Sandy is a secret weather bomb developed by a collaborative group of Chinese, Venezuelan, and Russian scientist. Given our divided electorate needing to vote by next Tuesday, a recovering economy, and a bloody civil war, this is a perfect moment for outside forces to disrupt an American domestic agenda.
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Batman Maintains Ground Forces In Ohio As Bane Makes Last Ditch Effort To Take Control

Ohio is looking to be the last stand for Batman and Bane as they battle for control of the country. Throughout the war fighting has only escalated in the state and more have died there then any other state in the war. Early voting sites have been bombed, television networks are overrun with propaganda, and illegal arms are circulating in and out of the cities and suburbs by both sides. A record amount of money has been spent on this war and a majority of it will have been spent in The Buckeye State.
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Batman Blitz Across Key Battleground States

Within the past 48 hours Batman has flown on a countrywide blitz bombing Bane outposts in key battlegrounds. The tension and build up to the election has risen and Batman appears to be scaling up the effort to dominate states like Iowa, Colorado and Nevada wile also slugging it out in Ohio. We imagine Bane will take some unexpected hits from this full-scale attack. Will Bane counter this blitz with a flurry of attacks of his own?
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