Joker Willing to Spend $100 Million Dollars to Beat Batman, Start Civil War

Joker Willing to Spend $100 Million Dollars to Beat Batman, Start Civil War

The notorious Joker, who held an entire casino for ransom before killing 47 people, has purportedly paid Bane 100 million dollars of stolen casino money to start a civil war in the United States. We first caught wind of this outrages plot hours after the attempted murder of Commissioner Gordon at the Gordon Global Initiative. Our sources tell us that part of the conditions to receiving the money were to first humiliate and murder Commissioner Gordon on live television. If Bane accomplished this task, the 100 million was his to defeat Batman, even at the cost of a civil war.

This news team has made multiple attempts to contact the Bane campaign with little success. An anonymous tip has led us to some startling information that pro-Bane troops are secretly mounting an offensive in multiple battleground states. The number of troops and location of the hideouts was not given to us. At the moment there is little evidence that Bane has received 100 million dollars and there are no witnesses who have come forward to claim pro-Bane troops are readying for battle.

With the first presidential debate on Wednesday, tension is continuing to build between multiple factions in the United States. Media outlets are choosing sides to propagate their view and voters in swing states are creating a frenzy of protests everywhere. The fact that Bane has not shown his face since the Gordon Global Initiative is a worrisome sign.


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