Commissioner Gordon Dies from Bane Stabbing, Civil War Imminent

Commissioner Gordon Dies from Bane Stabbing, Civil War Imminent

We learned this morning that Commissioner Gordon died in an undisclosed hospital after fatally being stabbed by the presidential candidate Bane. Commissioner Gordon was beloved by many and sought to help the country in this trying time. A huge supporter of Batman, we can now assume Bane did this to hurt Batman’s chances of reelection. Funeral services will be closed to the public and media.
This death suggests that the rumor of the Joker attempting to fund a civil war is more and more true. Batman has been in Las Vegas searching for the Joker and his hide out. Our Las Vegas reporters have been unable to question Batman on this matter, we can only assume he is angered by this unexpected death of the commissioner. Former FBI agents now working for the SUPER Election News tell us that the top priority now is to stop the money from getting to Bane to start a possible civil war. We wonder if Batman has help, or is he doing this by himself?
What will a civil war look like in the present day? Our analysts have been working up predictions and we look to the Southern and Midwest states as possible battle grounds for this conflict. Tomorrow is the first presidential debate and how that unfolds could determine the beginning of the war on the ground. Authorities across the country are securing towns and natural recourses while everyday citizens are flooding Wal-Mart’s and gun shops for arms and ammunition. More to come as this unbelievable situation unfolds.


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