Bane, Zsasz Seen Planning Attack, Peaceful Debate Is Uncertain

Bane, Zsasz Seen Planning Attack, Peaceful Debate Is Uncertain

New photos have surfaced showing Bane and Zsasz planning a large-scale attack in politically charged swing states. Each day more evidence has amounted to the fact that a civil war is underway and that it is being planned and executed by Bane with funding from the Joker. Zsasz, Bane’s vice VP candidate, will most likely have a large roll in the ground war while Bane will probably be calling the shots from various locations.
Since fleeing to Las Vegas to find the Joker, Batman has cut all communication with media and authorities. With a huge offensive force against him, no one knows how well Batman’s defenses will be in a hostile debate. At this point we are doubtful he can prevent a civil war from braking out. With his absence we have only heard from Robin once after he was nearly killed in an apparent engine failure on his airplane. No word yet if there was foul play involved with the faulty engine.
This all comes to us as we are also preparing for the first presidential debate tonight. We intended on reporting from the debate but our reporter has been missing for the past 24 hours along with all other news network reporters for the debate. It seems that in a matter of days the country has spun out of control. Law enforcement is scrambling to find Bane, track down the revolting army, and locate the missing reporters. Fear, not optimism, seems to be spreading across the country.


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