Middle Class Neighborhood Buried In Rubble, Zsasz Looks On With Amazement

Middle Class Neighborhood Buried In Rubble,  Zsasz Looks On With Amazement

We learned today that Batman narrowly escaped from Bane’s torturous debate bruised and battered. Civil war is upon us and violence has begun in Wisconsin and Virginia. Reporters are scrambling to cover the various outbreaks and ordinary citizens are locking doors and clearing the streets. Early reports from the battleground tell us a whole middleclass neighborhood was buried underground, homes, families, and pets covered in plastic siding and concrete. Rescue workers are scurrying to dig out survivors before nightfall.

Zsasz was seen commanding a troop of mine workers in Virginia earlier today. We believe this is an attempt to secure a natural resource before the war gets out of hand. This is bad news for the country as the possibility of fuel prices could rise going into the cold months. Bane could have a substantial grip on the energy market.

In northern Virginia, Batman was attempting to rally defense contractors to join his side in the divisive battleground state. This is a last ditch effort to gain military support that usually would be on Bane’s side, if not already. We suspect most of the defense industry will avoid taking a side and try to work with both sides to gain a larger profit off the war. If one party were to gain their support, the war could end quickly and decisively.


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