Far Right Terrorist Group Claim They’re Holding Robin, Zsasz Hostage

far Right Terrorist Group Claim They're Holding Robin, Zsasz Hostage

Video footage has surfaced from a terrorist group who claim to have captured Robin and Zsasz this week. Given the rhetoric they used in the video, this group is a far right conservative group based in the southern states. They made various claims of reinstating slavery, anti-abortion, elimination of gun laws, and even a death penalty to children who commit violent crimes. They confirmed our suspicion of a recent bombing at a Muslim all-girl school that left many dead and injured. The extremist group has made no demands yet as the hold Robin and Zsasz hostage.

Geographical traces of this video pinpoint the Kentucky, Tennessee, and Arkansas region of the south. With the Vice Presidential debate being in Kentucky tomorrow, it makes sense that this terrorist group would use the debate to spotlight their extreme platform. Various tactical teams are searching the region for the terrorists and the location of the captured vice presidential candidates.

The death toll rose today in Ohio as fighting continues to escalate in the state. Bane has increased an offensive attack throughout the state showing no signs of slowing down. Batman maintains a defensive position continuing to recruit troops and secure resources. We suspect more stories to come out of Virginia and Florida as the battles intensify.


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