Bane Suprise Drone Attack in Florida, Planned Perenthood Rescues Robin, Zsasz

Bane Suprise Drone Attack in Florida, Planned Perenthood Rescues Robin, Zsasz

Disaster in a vicious attack in Florida, drones controlled by Bane bombed a Miami college. The death toll is rising from this mass bombing and military analysts suggest Bane was targeting the college because of the resent support Batman has received from college age citizens. Batman appeared on the scene to fend off opposing ground forces and search for survivors in the rubble. After intense fighting in Virginia, and Ohio, this is by far the most destructive act of war so far.

In a surprise move, mercenaries hired by the Planned Parenthood rescued Robin and Zsasz in time for their national debate. Details are still coming in but this appears to be an independent move by the left leaning organization. With what we know, these mercenaries were hired over a year ago to plot an attack on the far right extremist group and subvert their plots to impose their extreme ideology. When the Vice Presidential candidates were kidnapped, the plan became an attack and rescue mission.

Along this road of conflict and war, each side seems to have gained unexpected supporters. While most of the focus on the war has been on the east coast, Catwoman is in Colorado fighting on the side of Batman. This move is risky considering the great distance between Colorado and the eastern states. On the apposing side, Scarecrow has led the way from Texas to gain ground for Bane in the south. Political theorists believe Scarecrow is connected to the extremist group who kidnapped Robin and Zsasz just this week.


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