Robin Fights Back With A Vengeance, Zsasz Nearly Killed In Debate

Robin Fights Back With A Vengeance, Zsasz Nearly Killed In Debate

Last nights debate brought out a crazed and spirited Robin prepared to bite the head off of Zsasz. In an astounding and strange move, Zsasz came onto the stage with a mask of John F. Kennedy and proceeded to debate as if he were the 35th President of the United States. As the event grew tenser Robin ripped the cap off of his pen and managed to stab Zsasz multiple times before he narrowly fled the stage. After the event Robin was praised for his offensive performance while Zsasz was rewarded for not getting himself killed.

A new report from the battleground in Florida brings terror and torture to the national stage. Witnesses are telling us that Bane and his supporters in Florida were hog-tying and physically humiliating people in the streets. One woman was left half naked with a broken nose and teeth. If these reports are true serious war crimes could be brought up against the presidential candidate and his mission to gain control of the country could lose support.

In Texas where Bane supporter Scarecrow maintains control and fear of the southern region, we learn people are being implanted with computer chips. As war wages in the north, Texas is the first state to start tracking their citizens on a constant basis. The first waves of citizens to be implanted are elementary and middle school aged children. Could this become more wide spread if Bane gains control? Batman has vowed to end this inhumane project of control and says, “All will be done to prevent such a horrendous attack on personal freedom.”


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