Batman Determined To End Bane’s Rise In The Polls At Tonights Debate

Batman Determined To End Bane’s Rise In The Polls At Tonights Debate

Batman is looking for a big win tonight at the second presidential debate in New York. We expect Batman to use more of his tricks and gadgets given the open town hall style debate. Since their last meeting, Bane has risen in the polls and taken over more regions in the civil war. A secret contract was just made public stating the terms of the debate and a seize fire while debate proceedings occur tonight. If both sides honor this contract we will see the first break and a bloody battle that has gone on for two weeks.

On this debate day in New York, a group of extreme leftwing protesters stormed a major Wall St bank capturing multiple chief executives. Before police were able to intervene, protesters tortured and hung the CEO and various high-level board members in the main lobby. Police apprehended some of the extremists and are currently pursuing those responsible that escaped. After getting wind of this tragic uprising, all other Wall St banks initiated a lock-down and moved to secret locations to continue business.

For weeks the press has been questioning the information given about the ambassador killed in Libya last month. Yesterday Batgirl came foreword and took responsibility for the unfortunate break down of security at the embassy where the ambassador was killed. She vowed to use all her resources to seek and kill the terrorists who are responsible. Batman is said to have allocated multiple military forces and drone weaponry to aid Batgirl in completing this mission.


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