Batman Leaves Bane A Bloody Mess In Debate, Civil War To Become More Violent

Batman Leaves Bane A Bloody Mess In Debate, Civil War To Become More Violent

In last night’s debate, Batman took on a new and aggressive form pouncing on Bane for most of the debate. Within the town hall setup was a cage for Batman and Bane to be present in for 90 minutes while an all female middle class audience got to ask them questions and throw glass bottles at them. The facilitator of this caged match was a woman named Candy armed with projectiles, who was eager to get her own shots at both candidates.

Bane had multiple missteps including a remark about having a binder locating women he can call upon whenever necessary. Reports have confirmed that last year a group of 12 women broke out of a secure location owned by Bane. From there we saw a weakened Bane take hit after hit from a relentless Batman. At the conclusion of this testosterone fueled battle, Batman left the ring confident and wiping blood off his hands while Bane stumbled out to a room of vicious female onlookers ready to finish him off.

As the candidate’s left the debate stage and the cease fire was lifted from fighting, reports came in of a crazed man trying to blast his way into Canada. A Canadian boarder guard was fatally killed and another injured. When authorities caught up to the assailant, a shoot out occurred for about an hour at a roadside 7/11 convenience store. Canadian police tried to enter the store but explosions from multiple hand grenades lit the store on fire and the shooter along with three Canadian police officers were killed. No word yet on who this boarder shooter was. Evidence at the scene suggests he was incited by the presidential debate earlier that night.


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