Women Burn Down Cincinatti Neighborhood Fighting Over Batman, Bane

Women Burn Down Cincinatti Neighborhood Fighting Over Batman, Bane

The battle for the presidency and control of the country has moved into the boardrooms and the streets. As fighting has intensified, CEO’s of major corporations have threatened their employees with job slashing and burning their children’s schools down if they don’t vote for Bane. Supporters of Batman are worried this fear mongering will sway the election and bring dark times to this country’s future.

In cities such as Green Bay, Denver, and Cincinnati, women took to the streets fighting over the two candidates. Most of the cities experienced aggressive arguing and disruption while in cities across Ohio multiple arrests, and one confirmed death have been reported. National guardsmen have been ordered by the governor to clear the streets and end the violence. No report on whether Bane or Batman instigated these rioting female citizens.

Terror almost returned to New York City as we learned of a foiled plot by a lone extremist who tried to blow up the Federal Reserve. If his plan had been successful we would have seen a complete economic meltdown while fighting a civil war and awaiting a presidential election to occur. Statements from Batman and Bane touched on the need for tougher security in the unraveling world we live in.


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