Breaking News: Commissioner Gordon Back From The Dead

Breaking News: Commissioner Gordon Back From The Dead

The headlines across the country today report Commissioner Gordon has reemerged on the battlefront. Some believe his death initiated the civil war as people were outraged by the disastrous places Bane was willing to go to win the presidency. In conjunction with the Joker and large sums of money, Bane stabbed Commissioner Gordon striking a blow to the hearts and minds of most Americans. This unexpected appearance can only mean Batman has a more strategic and secretive plan to battle Bane’s plot for control.

While the country is divided between north and south, similar to the first civil war, we see much of the fighting and blood shed happening across Wisconsin, Iowa, and Ohio. Batman and Bane are constantly maneuvering forces between the three states trying to gain an advantage on the ground. The fighting has intensified so drastically that a suicide bomber appearing to be a Batman supporter made his was into an Iowa Batman military barracks and killed half of the soldiers sleeping in their beds while the other half are severely injured. We have not received any new reports on the condition of the survivors.

In Florida, Bane and Zsasz have continued to lead multiple battles across the state for much of the war. Batman supporters are still fighting Bane’s forces and even received assistance from Robin today. Our reporters on the battleground tell us that a car bomb exploded near the compound where Bane and Zsasz do most of their planning. We still do not have any conformation on whether the car exploded inside the compound or if was detonated before entering the secure facility. Security has cut off all access to the Bane facility and all we can report is that large billows of black smoke are filling up the blue Florida sky.


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