Batman, Clock King Use Time Travel To Fumble Bane In Debate

Batman, Clock King Use Time Travel To Fumble Bane In Debate

A series of strange events from last night’s debate have brought unbelievable stories of time travel and intrigue. What looked like a subdued Bane and a ferocious Batman may actually have been a lapse in the space-time continuum. A Deep Throat type tipster involved with the outrageous debate has agreed to fill us in on the details behind the supposed ‘time travel’ that occurred during the debate.

Unbeknownst to Bane, the moderator of the final debate was none other then The Clock King. We are not sure when the time travel occurred, but Bane appeared to be withdrawn from the discussion and just agreed with Batman on most topics. Much of the discourse referenced various views on foreign policy throughout history. Our Deep Throat leads us to believe Batman coordinated with The Clock King to put Bane through some sort of time travel confusion while simultaneously debating foreign policy on live national TV.

The first tip on where Bane may have traveled was America during revolutionary war. Batman berated Bane on his backward thinking about strong warhorses and sharpened bayonet’s to be successful against foreign armies. After this verbal assault from Batman, Bane just simply accepted the abuse and continued smiling. Check in throughout the week for exclusive details about Bane’s time traveling debate.

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