Bane Supporters Destroy Planned Parenthood Office, Stab Three Employees

Bane Supporters Destroy Planned Parenthood Office, Stab Three Employees

Fighting in the east coast battleground states has maintained its intensity but now we see signs of the war spreading west. Batman and Bane have dug in to battlegrounds in Nevada, Colorado, and Iowa this week. Colorado is matching up to be as bloody as Ohio has been and the body count may surpass Ohio by the end of the presidential election.

There are a series of reports circulating about a mass stabbing at a Planned Parenthood protest. When protesters learned of Bane distancing himself from outlandish rape comments from a key anti abortion official, all hell broke loose. Multiple protesters charged the Planned Parenthood and destroyed the facility while also stabbing three employees. Authorities were there in time to stop the violence and rush the stabbed victims to the hospital for treatment.

Following out report of Bane time traveling during the debate Monday night our second installment of this story takes us to a future China. In revolutionary war times Bane was stabbed by a soldiers bayonet and rushed to a colonial doctor. The wound was bad and before he was operated on, The Clock King brought him to a futuristic China. There he was operated on with advanced technologies and medicines in a matter of minutes. The experience was described as if a hospital and an Apple store were joined to create a more pleasant and rewarding experience. In tomorrows installment we learn about Bane seeing the World Wars first hand.


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