Batman Blitz Across Key Battleground States

Batman Blitz Across Key Battleground States

Within the past 48 hours Batman has flown on a countrywide blitz bombing Bane outposts in key battlegrounds. The tension and build up to the election has risen and Batman appears to be scaling up the effort to dominate states like Iowa, Colorado and Nevada wile also slugging it out in Ohio. We imagine Bane will take some unexpected hits from this full-scale attack. Will Bane counter this blitz with a flurry of attacks of his own?

As the ground war rages across the country, CEO’s are choosing sides and planning their own assaults on rival corporations. The attacks have mainly consisted of cyber warfare but some targeted drone attacks have occurred on large Midwest corporate campuses that are easy to zone in on. As a result of these violent battles, the stock market has gone into complete chaos rising and falling like a rollercoaster as companies disappear off the map and the stock chart.

Having been brutally stabbed in colonial America, received healthcare in futuristic China, we find Bane’s next time traveling debate experience take him to the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941. While bombs were exploding around him, sailors of the U.S. Navy were being blown to pieces all around Bane. The terror in this moment was more vicious then any other moment he had experienced thus far in the current civil war. Tomorrows story will conclude the time traveling subversion Bane experienced while participating in the National Security debate this past Monday.


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