Batman Maintains Ground Forces In Ohio As Bane Makes Last Ditch Effort To Take Control

Batman Maintains Ground Forces In Ohio As Bane Makes Last Ditch Effort To Take Control

Ohio is looking to be the last stand for Batman and Bane as they battle for control of the country. Throughout the war fighting has only escalated in the state and more have died there then any other state in the war. Early voting sites have been bombed, television networks are overrun with propaganda, and illegal arms are circulating in and out of the cities and suburbs by both sides. A record amount of money has been spent on this war and a majority of it will have been spent in The Buckeye State.

The Joker has written another large check to Bane in a last ditch effort to win the war. Strapped for cash, the Joker murdered and robbed an Exxon Mobil executive in front of his whole family last night. Sources tell us he accessed the executive’s online account before authorities could contact the bank and freeze all transactions. With so much money and effort put towards the war, we are not sure if anyone is pursuing the Joker at this time.

In conclusion of our exclusive story about Bane’s time travel during Mondays debate, we arrive on a U.S. navy ship off the coast of Cuba. Bane’s last stop on this historical tour brought him to the front lines of the Cuban Missile Crisis. Within a short distance Bane starred down at hundreds of soviet ships knowing their rockets and guns were pointed right him. Planes constantly flew overhead and one was even shot down not to far from his ship. A long silence was in control of this event and all he could here was the beats of everyone’s heart in the cold silence. When this eerie rhythm grew to its loudest Bane was once again in his seat listening to Batman speak on foreign policy. Bane was gone for only a split second but what felt like a whole week. Batman and The Clock King gave him a dose of reality that would not let him rebound during this final debate. Though we cannot mention the name of our Deep Throat, we thank this person for their openness to share this unbelievable story.


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