Batman, Owlman Join Forces To Save North East From Cross-Dimensional Black Hole Masked By Sandy

Batman, Owlman Join Forces To Save North East From Cross-Dimensional Black Hole Masked By Sandy

New details have surfaced relating to the disastrous results of Hurricane Sandy. What was thought to be a plot from communist countries such as China, Russia, and Venezuela, was actually a cross-dimensional black hole created by Bane. What we are finding out is extraordinary and more evil then we ever expected by the likes of Bane and his forces. This black hole was meant to swap out democrat leaning states (such as New York and New Jersey) for identical states that lean republican in an alternate dimension. By doing this Bane could easily run up the electoral vote tally and decimate Batman in the polls. Bane coordinated this plan with Owlman, a partner in the apposing dimension.

Analysts believe Bane’s intentions were to replace the entire north east of the United States, which predominantly vote democrat and never vote republican in presidential elections. If this plot were to have succeeded we would be seeing the beginning of a long-term dictatorship headed by Bane for at least the next 50 years. Along with this election win Bane would have also easily ended the civil war and followers of Batman would have been run out of the country of locked up in concentration camps. Lucky for the whole country this event did not go as planned.

Hurricane Sandy did mask the cross-dimensional black hole but the two dimensions did not swap as planned. Both dimensions of New Jersey and New York City merged and created disastrous effects in both dimensions. Batman of this dimension and Owlman of the apposing dimension came together to work on repairing the crossed dimensions, separating them, and assist in the recovery. In the process Batman gained an unlikely friend in Owlman who may have initially been siding with Bane.


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