Bane Family Working With The Russians? Ohio will Be Last Stand In Civil War

Bane Family Working With The Russians? Ohio will Be Last Stand In Civil War

This may not be a shock to most readers but Ohio will be the home of the last stand in this bloody civil war. Both Batman and Bane have moved record numbers of forces into the region and don’t plan on leaving until a winner is decided. Batman has maintained the border between Pennsylvania and Ohio and there are daily attempts from Bane to capture the border linking Michigan and Ohio around Toledo. Some say Toledo is a ghost town filled with empty shells of buildings and bodies lining the streets.

While civil war rages in the Midwest, citizens are fighting over gas in the Northeast. The disaster form Hurricane Sandy has left friends and neighbors fighting over a simple gallon of gas. Miles and miles of cars line up waiting to fill their tanks and move on. In Long Island a brawl broke out at a gas station killing two men and injuring five, including a woman and her young son. The National Guard have been ordered to take over management of all gas stations along major highways until power can be restored and gas stations are back to full operation.

Informants from the Bane campaign have told us one of Bane’s sons is traveling to Russia this weekend. With the election around the corner some are wondering what kind of relationship Bane has with the Russian government. This could be the beginning of a deal between Bane forces and Russian military in the case of a Batman win in the election and civil war. Others suggest a plot is in the works to reopen the cold war to strengthen certain political ideologies on both sides. Regardless of what this means, we are growing weary of Bane as the possible next president of the Untied States.


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