2012 Election

Batman’s Next Task, Arkham Asylum

With the election over and all sides accepting their position in the government we will finally see an end to the civil war. So many lives have been lost and for what cost did they make this great sacrifice? Our nation is in the hands of great men and woman along with loony crusaders, each trying to pull the government their way. Batman will have to carefully battle the inmates of the Arkham Asylum if he wants to make gains in transforming and preserving our countries exceptionalism. The scales are balanced now but will always tip to either side in cases of complacency and selfishness. The battle never really ends.


Batman Defeats Bane, Wins Re-Election

A diverse American public re-elected Batman to the Presidency. Bane and his coalition were defeated across battleground states like Ohio and Iowa. The ideological onslaught Bane brought to groups of female and minority citizens backfired on his plans to take control of the country through war and terror.
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Robin, Air Force Two Target Bane Aircraft In Cleveland, Hackers Strike Electronic Ballots

While most citizens are taking the battle off the ground and into the polls, Robin made a bold surprise attack on Bane at the Cleveland Airport. In a brief yet volatile moment, Robin dove Air Force Two directly at Bane’s parked plane firing short distance missiles causing major damage to the vulnerable aircraft. Early reports suggest Bane was not on the plane when it blew up. Shortly after the explosion Zsasz’s campaign plane arrived possible rescuing Bane before Robin could obtain him. Had Robin successfully killed or capture Bane in this attack the civil war would have been definitively over today.
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Bane Family Working With The Russians? Ohio will Be Last Stand In Civil War

This may not be a shock to most readers but Ohio will be the home of the last stand in this bloody civil war. Both Batman and Bane have moved record numbers of forces into the region and don’t plan on leaving until a winner is decided. Batman has maintained the border between Pennsylvania and Ohio and there are daily attempts from Bane to capture the border linking Michigan and Ohio around Toledo. Some say Toledo is a ghost town filled with empty shells of buildings and bodies lining the streets.
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Batman, Owlman Join Forces To Save North East From Cross-Dimensional Black Hole Masked By Sandy

New details have surfaced relating to the disastrous results of Hurricane Sandy. What was thought to be a plot from communist countries such as China, Russia, and Venezuela, was actually a cross-dimensional black hole created by Bane. What we are finding out is extraordinary and more evil then we ever expected by the likes of Bane and his forces. This black hole was meant to swap out democrat leaning states (such as New York and New Jersey) for identical states that lean republican in an alternate dimension. By doing this Bane could easily run up the electoral vote tally and decimate Batman in the polls. Bane coordinated this plan with Owlman, a partner in the apposing dimension.
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